Tactical Briefcase Comparison : First Tactical

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The first installment in our Tactical Briefcase Comparison Series focuses on the Executive Briefcase from First Tactical. We delve into its key attributes and unique aspects. All the tactical briefcases including this one were sourced from Military 1st, a supplier I’ve been patronizing for a substantial period.
Originally, I aimed to compile a collective review of all the featured briefcases. However, over time as I got accustomed to the products through everyday use, the amount of detail that required attention expanded necessitating individual articles for each item. In this series, apart from First Tactical Executive Briefcase, we will also analyze Hazard 4 Ditch Bail Out Bag and Condor Metropolis Briefcase in their respective articles. The culmination will be the fourth article where I’ll share my experience after extensively using each one, and unveil their pros and cons.
Part 1 – A Deep-dive into First Tactical Executive Briefcase: An External Overview:
Right off the bat, let’s explore the externals. Upon arrival, the shoulder strap was stored conveniently inside the bag, indicating its efficient design. From the get-go, it is rather obvious that this tactical briefcase has been designed with functionality in mind.
Features worth observing include pockets, pouches, and padding. The First Tactical bag features a bonus of expandable pockets on each side accompanied by mesh panels. These pockets are ideal for water bottles or bulky items that aren’t required consistently. The storage capability is so vast that you might lose count of the compartments.
Let’s take a walk through the images. After the end pockets, we observe the rear compartment. It’s situated on the bag side, offering a loop for trolley bag handle. This loop aids in placing the briefcase atop a trolley bag for effortless transport. The rear compartment comprises two sections, one carrying a ‘Velcro loop’ panel to secure items.
The bag’s front houses two individual zippered compartments with built-in organisers. (Omitted from the images but featured in the video is an additional Velcro-closed pocket, covering the full width behind the front pockets.) The center of the main compartment flap also features a pocket that can be utilized for storing glasses or similar objects. This flap’s end can be folded back onto itself when not in use, thanks to a Velcro closure.
We then reach the laptop section of the bag, located near the carry handle. It includes several compartments and a strap to securely hold the laptop in place. The main compartment can be accessed via dual zips on the main flap, allowing independent opening of each side. One side harbors a full-width pocket, while the other has three smaller pockets.

Strap and Handles:
If you prefer to use this bag without a shoulder strap, the design enables it with a highly discreet and low-profile fitting. Upon delivery, one end of the strap is detached. Depending on preference, you could fit the loose end or remove the pre-fitted end to eliminate the shoulder strap. First Tactical employs an exceedingly slender karabiner-style clip equipped with a sprung gate to ensure secure fitting and to bear the weight if the bag is loaded.
The shoulder strap comprises two rubber patches to avert any slippage. The two carry handles are unpretentious and comfy. They do not feature a wrap to hold them together.
Video Overview of the Three Tactical Briefcases:
Should you have missed the video overview on Tactical Review’s Youtube channel, it is posted below. All three bags are covered in this video.

Detailed Review:
As evident from the in-depth coverage, there are a plethora of features to take into consideration. Hence, to ward off any potential information overwhelm, our exploration of the First Tactical Executive Briefcase concludes here for now.
To delve into all the particulars, stay tuned for the entirety of this series. Part four will highlight the live usage insights gathered from extensive use of each piece.

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