OurBus reviews 2024: The Secret to Affordable Bus Travel in the U.S?

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Budget-friendly air travel hacks might be a familiar concept, but how about cheap bus journey hacks? Can you really traverse the U.S with minimal bus fare? Let’s put New-York-based OurBus under the microscope and see if it genuinely delivers on its cost-effective promises.
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The Core of OurBus?
How to Secure Your Seat With OurBus?
OurBus’s Cancellation and Refund Policy
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding OurBus
What to Find Inside an OurBus?
The Downsides of OurBus
Is OurBus Worth a Try?
Our Overall Rating: 3.1/5
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Planning a Northeast trip in the United States through OurBus? Don’t rush; get an extensive understanding of OurBus and its multitude of services before embarking on your journey. Then, decide whether OurBus fits your travel needs.
When pondering transportation for traveling, you’re spoilt for choice between buses, flights, trains, and more.
For flight travel, we recommend this stellar guide on securing cheap flights. If buses beckon, we’ve previously reviewed a few companies, like Megabus, on this blog. But remember, don’t stick to one choice; explore and decide whether to tap directly into bus services or via a third-party platform like Busbud.
One bus company that has surged in popularity over the years is OurBus. It has cemented its reputation in the northeastern region of the USA. If this is your first encounter with OurBus, fret not. I’ll dig deep and dissect whether its services match its claims.
Let’s get started!
What is OurBus?
America's Favorite Bus Service Launches in Canada
OurBus operates out of New York and has been in business since 2016. The company rapidly grew, adding intercity and commuter bus services to its portfolio, connecting over a hundred towns and cities across the United States. Popular routes include New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, among others.


Contrary to prevalent belief, OurBus identifies as a technology firm rather than a traditional bus company as it doesn’t own or run any buses. Instead, OurBus is a platform where bus routes are chosen based on crowd-sourced demand, collecting heaps of data from the internet to serve customers’ needs.


OurBus offers two key types of bus services: Commuter and Intercity. The critical variance lies in the travel distance covered by each. Both styles, however, ensure a modern, roomy ride with free onboard amenities.


OurBus ensures frequent and accommodating schedules for your convenience. Their offerings extend to charter rentals, ideal for large groups desiring to travel together.


Despite being positioned as a budget option, OurBus doesn’t skimp on amenities such as free WiFi, recharge outlets at your seat, onboard restrooms, and more.


How to Book a Ride With OurBus
OurBus outshines with its online booking capability via their official website or mobile app.


Here’s how to book using the website:


  1. Open ourbus.com on your device.
  2. Key in your departure and arrival destinations.
  3. Unsure of the nearest pickup point? Enter the state, and the available stations will pop up.
  4. Choose your travel date and your intended return date if planning a round trip.
  5. Indicate the number of passengers.
  6. Pick the bus that aligns with your schedule.
  7. Input necessary personal details to finalize the booking.
  8. Complete the payment via card.
  9. The ticket will then arrive in your email inbox — be ready to display it on your mobile or bring a printed copy.


The ways to book via the app are almost identical:


Download the OurBus app for Android or iOS users.
Input your starting location.
Specify your destination.
Enter your preferred travel (and return) date.
The ticket will be saved in your app; you can open it anytime for reference or tracking.


As simple as pie!


Cancellation and Refund Policy of OurBus
Understanding OurBus’s cancellation and refund policy is essential.


Here’s the punchline; You can annul an OurBus trip up to 30-minutes before departure. However, refunding to your bank account is off the table.


Instead, expect the paid amount to be credited to your OurBus Wallet, and it can be used for reserving a future ticket.


Ticket cancellation is possible through email confirmation or by logging into your OurBus portal. Look for the ‘Cancel Ticket’ choice next to your travel summary. On cancellation, the wallet instantly reflects the credit.


A quick heads-up – The cancellation must be concluded 30-minutes before the bus’s scheduled departure. Failure to do so robs you of the ability to cancel and reuse it in the future.


OurBus FAQs
If you wish to know precisely what riding with OurBus entails, you’re in good company! I’ve rounded up some of the most recurring queries about OurBus.


Q: What amenities does OurBus offer?
A: An OurBus ride features reclining seats for comfort, sparkling clean restrooms, charging facilities, free water, and a GPS tracker. Remember: Not every bus offers WiFi connectivity.


Q: Am I eligible for a refund if I miss the bus?
A: Unfortunately, missing your bus doesn’t grant you a refund. You’ll need to secure a new ticket for a later journey.


Q: Do I need to print my OurBus ticket?
A: Not at all! Simply display the ticket on your mobile to the bus driver.


Q: What is the luggage allowance?
A: Each ticket holder can check-in one bag and bring one carry-on board. Additional luggage requires separate ticket purchase.


Q: Are OurBus and BestBus the same entity?
A: No, they are unique. BestBus was formerly known as DC2NY.


Q: How do I connect with OurBus’s customer service?
A: Engage with customer service via Live Chat. Alternatively, drop an email at pr@ourbus.com or dial 1-844-800-6828.


For more insights, navigate to OurBus’s FAQ page.


OurBus Amenities
OurBus takes pride in providing a full-fledged ride experience. Key features include:


Free WiFi
Sanitary restrooms
Reclining seats
Power outlets
Free water bottles
GPS tracking technology
Speaking of which, real-time GPS tracking is accessible on all OurBus journeys via the OurBus app or the boarding pass email link. Other app features are sharing your ETA.


What’s Not to Like About OurBus?
While OurBus offers economical fares and selected routes via crowdsourcing, there are a few drawbacks:


Punctuality: Buses sometimes depart earlier than the scheduled time, possibly making on-time passengers miss their departures. Late arrivals have also been reported.


Overcrowding: Limited legroom due to cramped and uncomfortable seating has been raised as an issue.


Vanishing WiFi: Though OurBus promotes free onboard WiFi, connectivity hinges upon strong cellular signals, thus service may be patchy.

No Option for a Full Refund

OurBus tickets are non-refundable. You can cancel your ticket up to 30 minutes before departure. When you cancel your ticket, the money gets transferred to OurBus Wallet. This means you’re not refunded your cash. You can only use it to purchase another ticket on the OurBus app or website.

Is OurBus Worth It?

OurBus is worth it overall. It’s known for being easy to use, comfortable, and professional. Most customers who have reported back agree. 

That being said, there are a few complaints that OurBus has let people down. 

One of the most common issues people faced was that the buses were overcrowded, making the journey less comfortable than it could have been. 

Many others have stated that their trips were canceled or rescheduled at the last minute. They couldn’t get a refund but could only use the money to book a different bus. 

Some of OurBus reviews have also claimed to experience unprofessional and uncaring bus drivers during their trips.

Still, based on research, personal experience, and reading these reviews carefully, I can confidently say that OurBus generally provides a safe, comfortable, and reliable travel experience. 

Try Ourbus Today and Enjoy Your Trip

ur Rating: 3.1/5


  • In-bus amenities
  • Convenient online booking
  • Easy to adjust rides with no fee charged 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Affordable prices
  • Sufficient options for scheduling 


  • Unreliable customer service phone line
  • Bus arriving late or leaving earlier than scheduled
  • Overcrowding
  • Unstable WiFi 
  • No option for a full refund

Overall, Ourbus is a great choice. You can experience more.

Try Ourbus Today and Enjoy Your Trip


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