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Top 5 Google Sheets add-ons for Finance

by recipientme

People all over the world are creating business solutions with Google Sheets add-ons. If you haven’t tried any Google add-ons yet, you are probably wasting a lot of time doing tedious, manual work in spreadsheets. You may also be missing out on innovative ways to operate in your finance department.

Think about the invention of the electronic spreadsheet and the changes it had on the way financial departments do business. Before electronic spreadsheets existed, spreadsheets were all created by hand (can you imagine the nightmare?).

Electronic spreadsheets have allowed users to quickly record and organize numbers. As their capabilities have been improved we’ve been able to sort and move data quickly and efficiently. These days, it’s not just up to the program developers to give is access to new tools. Google Sheets allows 3rd-party developers to create advanced tools that transform the way we use spreadsheets.

If you’ve been using spreadsheets like it’s 2011, it’s time to try add-ons and modernize the way you manage data. Today we are going to break down five of the best add-ons for finance.


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